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A Forum (Latin “public place outdoors”) is a place or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Likewise, this page has been arranged for the purpose of sharing ideas as they relate to health and wellness, with a solid foundation of evidence-based recommendations.

I have been a physician for more than 20 years, and I realized that in the clinical setting, physicians and patients are often unable to broach the most important issues to health – behavior. It is likely that three-quarters of conditions seen in the clinical setting are linked to behaviors. If behavior can be explored and adjusted, it will likely result in more sustainable benefits on a person’s health — often much more than any medication could provide.

For this reason, I created this page. It will feature important topics for general health, the latest research evidence and links to additional reading (other blog sites, journals and books), and my published literature and resources. All members are welcome to bring up topics of interest, current health news or general questions as they relate to health. I can provide a review on the topic and we can explore it further.

At fist, I will provide a groundwork of writing on health and wellness “Finding Wellness“, Overcoming obesity challenges “Achieving Weight Loss“, Infectious Diseases Topics and other interesting topics that aren’t otherwise classified Miscellaneous Medical Topics. Additional information including outlines following acute hospital management of several medical conditions, publications and vlogs will follow. I can also be found on FACEBOOK, Instagram and Twitter at @yourhealthforum. If you are local, I invite you to attend a “Walk with a Doc – PDX” weekly walk or a monthly (for now) Your Health Forum Health Symposium, which you can find on MEETUP under the same title.

The content of this information is for educational purposes only. I strive to convey helpful tips to improve your health and ready you with some of the basis of decision-making in the clinical setting. This blog site is not intended to replace your primary care physician or specialist and you should seek consultation with him/her directly for more specific recommendations tailored to your medical history. I invite you to use this as supplement to your direction of finding health and wellness and warmly welcome you to this blog.

Your Health Forum Diversity Statement

Your Health Forum supports individuals of all backgrounds and upholds inclusion of all people, no matter what color, religion, heritage, political background, gender, and orientation.  Your Health Forum strives to build bridges and create dialogue to the factors that underly health disparities and represent barriers to optimal wellness in these communities.  


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