Perspectives in Medicine *Future E-Book*

Perspectives in Medicine

What is it like to be a physician?  I know that I was curious about it before I made my career choice.  My friends often ask me what a typical day is like.

What are some of the life’s lessons learned in the profession of medicine?

I plan to share some of my experiences as a physician as instructor, learner, and observer in the field of medicine.  My perspective is as an infectious diseases physician with acquired training in behavioral medicine.  Three articles have been included that feature various topics as told in a journal format.  I plan to construct an e-book on Perspectives in the next few months that will be available for purchase.  The intended audience is general; medical students, residents and patients are likely to find this information useful.

I invite discussion, dialogue, and sharing of insight.  Medicine is a career that is wide open to perspectives, behaviors, and learning opportunities.  Thank you for joining me along the way.


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