Breaking Habits

The first theme of YHF Community Discussion Page is regarding the process of breaking a habit. If you have had a habit that is detrimental to your health, what were some ways that you were able to liberate yourself from it? For more information on behavior change theory, refer to the recent post on Understanding Your Readiness for Behavior Change.

Describe the habit and then outline some ways that you were able to overcome it…

We are looking for actionable tips for the members, so that we can all benefit from your success.

I will start:

When I get home, I have a tendency to run to the cupboards and start snacking on reasonably healthy foods like nuts – but to the point where I lose control of the amount. I notice when I get too much, that I will have stomach cramps at night. Meanwhile, I am coming home very hungry – so not filling myself with the best foods. If I can grab a snack, like a small piece of fruit and have that in between lunch and home, I usually do not have the same cravings. I also have to make a salad and eat it pretty soon after coming home from work to try to overcome the drive to the cupboards.

At this time, the tendency to the habit is still there but not as strong. I am working on the Maintenance phase.

Please provide your behavior change success stories in the comment section and I will have them available for those involved.